Maya Enterprises


About Us

We’re A Wholesale Alcohol Distributor Servicing Bottle Stores, Bars, And Restaurants Across New Zealand.

Maya Enterprises was founded in 2010 in Northcote, Auckland. We started with 20 customers and have since grown to service over 400 clients New Zealand-wide. We supply one of the country’s best selections of local and imported liquors and spirits. With everything from major international whiskey manufacturers to specialist craft beers available, you can trust us to help you find what your business needs.

For over 10 years, we’ve shared our expertise, passion, and guidance to help our customers discover the exciting world of liquor and the confidence to embark on new spirit adventures. With the option to mix different drinks in a single order, you’ll benefit from the flexibility to try out exciting new variants, such as Indian liquors or Fijian collections, without having to commit to a large purchase. It’s all part of our commitment to putting the interests of our customers first.